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Help support the channel and the endless adventure...and grab some authentic AWJ shit along the way! Bookmark this page for travel, tour and live stream updates and to check out the latest shitty merch!

This is a straight donation, you get nothing in return, except the satisfaction of helping your favorite youtube whack job stay fueled up and ready for the next insane thing he decides to jump into.
Beer Funding Options
Custom Guitar Picks!

You will receive your choice of style and quantity of authentic AWJ custom guitar picks! These are made from the highest quality crap we could find laying around wherever we happen to be at the moment :-)
Shout out or Sponsor a video!

Want to get some recognition? You can buy anything from a shout out to link placement to an in depth ad plug in a video. OK, nothing kinky about that :-) You get both twitter feed and youtube mentions, give yourself some advertising and help the AWJ train wreck!
Get noticed!
Breast Implants!

Have you got the deep pockets and the insane sense of humor to match? Then this donation is an option for you! A killer rack has been Jim's life long dream, not to chase some demented sexual need, not from a need to be another gender...but simply because it would be mind numbingly funny: A 6 nuthin dude with massive tits. Ok that and, of course...

Boobs Rock!

How ENDLESSLY funny would it be? How amazing to watch people stare in total confusion, and of course, to get to fondle your rack any time you want :-)

100% Serious! This WILL happen!

You'll get to laugh your ass off at the fallout, hell even co-star in the documentary we'll shoot about the whole adventure! So what do ya say? Let's fuck with everyone and get Jim some massive tits!
How big?

BTW: RED is down with it too! She can't wait to get her hands on Jim's hooters! You know what they say, for every bat shit crazy psycho out there, there's another bat shit crazy psycho out there who loves them!
Current Status: FUBAR
Current Location: North Carolina
Beer Status: To dry to talk about
Jim and Red Status: Off the rails, AGAIN

Upcoming Live Streams

7/13/2018: Currently not interested in being found
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Possible Future Travel

Aug-Oct 2018: Heading North, OH, NY, ME
OCT 15-Nov 1: Jim's Birthday Bash NOLA
Nov-Jan 2019: Heading west to Arizona
Jan-Feb 2019: Mardi Gras... DUH :-)

Want to meet up with Jim and Red to do a video?

Bookmark this site and keep up with AWJ on twitter @AWJmedia and Adventures with Jim on Youtube, but if you'd like to do a combined video meet up contact us at


Bring pepper spray, you never know what kind of mood the red head will be in! Our schedule can be kind of random, so it's difficult to plan too far down the road, but we'll work something out!